Lessons about success from Dr Bill Newman

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“The Proclaimer” The Bill Newman Story – Book

“The Proclaimer The Bill Newman Story is an exciting journey into the heart of an extraordinary life of faith. In these pages, Evangelist Bill Newman recounts colourful stories and inspiring memories of God’s goodness, provision and mighty power to save.

10 Laws of Leadership


10 Laws of Leadership is an international best-seller. With over 100,000 copies in print and translations in four different languages, it is a classic and one of Bill’s most popular books.

Eternity – Tract


The Eternity Tract has fast become a staple Gospel presentation that many churches, ministries, schools and communities rely upon for a simple and clear presentation of the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Order your today and share the gospel with confidence.

How to Win in Life – Tract


This special sports-themed tract has been released to coincide with the 2018 Commonwealth Games. It clearly explains how, just like in sports, to succeed in life we need:


The Adventure of Intercession – Book


Take the journey of entering into intimacy with God. This book is a simple and effective exposé on the truth of prayer and a daily guide on how to draw closer to God through the power of prayer.


The Battle – Book


This brand new book is a call to all Christians to take hold of the Armour of God and be prepared to fight The Battle.

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What is Real Life? – Tract


What is Real Life? Can you sum up all that there is to life with simple words or is there more to life than words can teach us. Pick up some of these Gospel tracts and help others find the real answers to life for themselves.

You Are Special – Tract


We are so excited about this tract! From the heart of Bill Newman, it is a very special message to each and every person. A message of love, hope, and forgiveness.