The Complete Sacrifice – Tract


Easter time is a special time of year. All of the busy times, commercialism and tradition which surrounds this tradition can obscure our eyes from the true meaning of Easter. Grab some of these meaningful gospel tracts and share cut straight tot the heart of the meaning of Easter and share hope in the promises of God at this time of year.


This fresh, exciting gospel tract has been written by Bill Newman especially for Easter time. Designed to clearly and simply explain the real meaning of Easter through seven short steps, it is ideal for distribution at your Easter services and throughout your community at Easter time.

In conjunction with this tract we have also produced a very special 25 minute program called The Complete Sacrifice, in which Bill travels throughout Israel tracing the story of the coming Messiah.

Together, this tract and DVD is a very powerful Easter presentation, and will be an extremely useful resource for you or your church at Easter time.

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Dimensions 20 × 30 × 15 cm

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