Eternity – Tract (Arabic)


The classic Australian tract “Eternity” now makes it’s debut into the Arabic language. For a simple Gospel representation in the Arabic language that can give you assurance of what the Scriptures teach, pick up some today and be blessed as you are a blessing with them.


Evangelism is sowing and reaping. We are so excited at the incredible response to our Eternity Tract. It is still one of the best available presentations of the Gospel.

A simple and powerful evangelism tool designed to assist you with the ever-so-important work of evangelism.

Recently a faithful sower simply handed an Eternity Tract to a prison inmate in Queensland, Australia. This inmate wrote to us saying how his life has been transformed by the Gospel. He is now, “organising a Christian group for study…” and looking to train for the ministry, all because of one little tract and the grace of God.

The content of this tract can be viewed by anyone in the world at, a website we have developed solely for the purpose of sharing the gospel message.

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Weight 510 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 15 cm

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