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How to Lead a Person to Christ – Training Seminar

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Bill Newman’s “Academy of Evangelism” is a thorough evangelism training hub, drawing from over 40 years of Dr Bill’s experience as a full-time evangelist, leading campaigns and teams the world over and leading untold 1000’s to a living relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn directly from Bill and a select host of passionate leaders in the area: – theologians, practical experts, focused specialists and ministry leaders.
Bill’s array guest lecturers will help you to fill in the gaps on many areas of study in the area of evangelism that most people do not have access to and which will help you greatly in your passion for winning souls for Christ. You can enjoy numerous free resources and streaming sessions or sign up for the Equip Seminars which are a subscription based series, all funds going to the work of evangelism around the world. So you can train yourself for evangelism excellence and empowerment, while simultaneously supporting the preaching of the Gospel all over the globe.
Whether you’re a new believer or a life long minister, Bill Newman’s Academy of Evangelism will be a great blessing to you, preparing you to make a powerful impact for Jesus in the world around you. See you over there…

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